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How to buy ?

How to buy ?

We have a wide variety of custom-made products, thus avoiding the problems caused by standard products, which in general are almost never adapted and their components are usually of low quality. At ECASA you will buy professional quality products with all kinds of spare parts, manufactured to your specifications and also always complying with current regulations. Our online store is optimized so that you can buy without problem with any device. We also have a physical store located in the Polígono Industrial de Son Castelló, Palma de Mallorca.

In each group we have a generic selection for each type of product, with summarized information so that you can quickly find what you need. In these sections you will be able to see product images, descriptions and direct links so that you can configure and purchase any of them.

Select the product you need

Once you have decided what type of product you need, it is time to configure it to suit you, because that is what sets us apart from the rest, our products are manufactured as you want, to suit you, so that the end result is the expected and do not take surprises when receiving it at home.

Configure my product to measure

Depending on each product, you have to complete some simple steps, steps that are required, so that we can manufacture the product according to your specifications (measurements, openings, glass, finishes, models or / and fabrics).

How can I pay at ECASA

Once you configure your order you can pay, by credit card or by bank transfer.

Shipments ready to install

All the products come home ready to install and that's it, it's that easy. You can find some installation tips on our website, but if you are not very handy and prefer that we install it, we have a personalized measurement and installation service so you do not worry about anything.

Customer service

Our customer service is a team of professionals who will assist you to advise you with any questions that may arise or to resolve any type of problem you may have when visiting our website.

Partners & Sponsors

Many companies have decided to support and join the growth of our project.

The passion of these people and the quality of their services has allowed our online shopping platform to be one of the best on the market.

If you want to join our platform, we invite you to write us through the CONTACT form with the subject: SPONSORS and PARTNERS.

Technical issue (web errors)

If you are having problems using our website or it is not responding as it should, please write to us through the CONTACT form with the subject: Technical Problem (web errors); We will be happy to help you !