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How to measure ?

How to measure ?

When placing an order and making the initial measurement, we often have doubts as to whether what we are measuring is correct; for this we offer you some quick measurement tips. This task is easy, simple and assures us that we are not mistaken in taking the measures.

How to measure your windows, doors or shutters correctly?

1. First of all, you must decide how you want to fix it: on top of the old frame or on the wall. It is always recommended to remove the old frames but the last decision is up to you, since each option has pros and cons. In case of mounting on the old frame, keep in mind that light is lost; In the case of wall mounting, it is likely that when removing the old frames it is necessary to finish with paste, unless your windows have a pre-installed frame.

2. Take the width and height at three different points, always taking as good the smallest of the 3 measurements in case there are variations. Depending on each case, normally 1 cm of margin is left, when it is installed it is distributed and is to seal the window with polyurethane foam.

3. Take the depth from the inside of the wall to make sure that the new window and its accessories (blinds, mosquito nets or other accessories) fit just inside or outside depending on the type of installation you have in mind.

How to measure your mosquito nets correctly?

1. Take the width and height at three different points, always taking as good the smallest of the 3 measurements in case there are variations; In this case, no margin is left and any free space must be avoided so that an insect does not sneak in.

2. Take the depth of the hole to make sure that the mosquito net enters the chosen place; It can be installed outside the window or if it has a blind, it can be installed between the blind and the window (the gap in the guides must be measured).

How to measure your blinds, curtains, venetian blinds or awnings?

1. Take the necessary width to cover the window or door in question, in general to the width taken a minimum of 10-15 cm is added on each side, but as it is a design question you have the last decision.

2. Choose the type of fastening (to the wall or ceiling) and take the necessary height to cover the window or door in question. In this case, make sure there are no obstacles in the way, such as radiators or roller shutter drawers; In the event that these obstacles protrude more than 7 cm, it is recommended to fasten to the ceiling.